Atiamuri Series Reactor Project

Region Map
Expected cost
$12 m
Increase transfer capacity by
500-600 MW

What we're doing

We need to continually operate, maintain and develop New Zealand's transmission network - the National Grid - to ensure we meet the ongoing electricity needs of New Zealanders.

Transpower is commencing a project to install a new series reactor at Atiamuri to help balance load between the three circuits that make up the Wairakei Ring.  The transmission lines that make up the “Wairakei Ring” run between Wairakei and Whakamaru, with the lower capacity line connecting through Atiamuri, and Ohakuri while the larger double circuit line connects directly between Wairakei and Whakamaru.  

We expect to commission the new series reactor by 2023.

Why we're doing it

Transpower has significant existing capacity in the Wairakei ring, but the lower capacity line is likely to constrain transmission as more generation is added in nearby regions.  New generation is planned for both Hawkes Bay and Taupo regions, that will connect into the Wairakei ring.  A series reactor is a prudent interim step that will better balance the flow of electricity between the low and high capacity routes.  We expect the reactor will allow a further 500-600 MW to be transferred. While this will meet the initial need for greater capacity we have also started work on a larger reinforcement for the medium to long term - Wairakei Ring Reinforcement.

More information

The Atiamuri Series Reactor is one of Transpower's tactical investments as highlighted in our Net Zero Grid Pathway work