Bombay-Otahuhu Regional Investigation

Region Map

What we are doing?

Transpower has identified a series of related needs associated with our 110 kV network primarily in the geographical region between Otahuhu and Bombay, but also as far south of Hamilton.  We are investigating potential transmission and non-transmission solutions to meet these needs simultaneously.

Why are we doing it?

There are a number of issues that require resolution or attention in the area over the next 5-15 years including: deteriorating condition of the conductor (wire) on the Bombay–Otahuhu, Bombay–Meremere 'A', Hamilton–Meremere 'B' and Meremere–Takanini 'A' lines; capacity constraints on the Otahuhu–Wiriwire line; and widening of the Southern motorway between Papakura and Bombay.

More information about the project

We have released a request for proposals from non-transmission proponents.  Register your proposal by 24 July 2019.

Please note: we have replaced (on 20 December 2019) the original Bombay-Otahuhu regional consultation on the short list of investment options document originally published 13 December 2019.  An error was discovered in Tables 3 and 17 which meant the numbers in those tables did not add up.  This does not affect the net benefit shown, nor any of the commentary or conclusions.  The revised document corrects these tables and deletes some duplicated rows in Table 18.  We apologise for any inconvenience.


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Notice to Tenderers 17 July 2019 [ pdf 591.4 KB ]
Notice to Tenderers - 2 July 2019 [ pdf 636.51 KB ]
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