Contact us about safety

See something that you think we should know about? Contact us.

If you see downed lines, do not approach. Call 111 immediately.

We work hard to keep our transmission network as safe as possible – minimising danger to Kiwis from our lines, towers and sites is a priority for us. We do this by implementing safety precautions at every stage of the design and build process, and by using access protocol to all our sites.

Please use our easy Safety Submission Form to contact us about any of the following safety issues:

  • You see something that you feel may be unsafe
  • You'd like to recognise good safety practices
  • You have concerns about our safety practices
  • You see assets that you feel may be damaged or unsafe

You can help keep us all safe by letting us know if you’ve seen anything on or around our lines, towers, or sites that could pose a hazard or cause injury to you or another member of the public. If you’re not sure about something, give us a call anyway. You can reach us 24/7 at 0800 THE GRID (0800 843 4743).