Connected Party Operator (CPO) Online


Course Information

The Connected Party (CPO) online course is required by anyone required by anyone required by anyone operating Transpower owned equipment as part of a connected party agreement.


There is an estimated 20 minutes of learning time required to complete the eLearning module.  There is an on job assessment to be completed in addition to this. 


Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course learners will have:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the role and responsibilities of a connected party operator.
  • Independent operation of feeder equipment/switches by CP staff (under Operational Control Agreement)
  • Knowledge of the interconnectivity between Connected Party equipment and Transpower protection and indication schemes (Bus Zone, CB Fail, SCADA).
  • Knowledge of how to access and Interpret Transpower Operating SLDs.
  • An understanding of requirements for compiling the log (entry log and station log).
  • Knowledge of pre-use inspection of Transpower primary equipment related to Connected Party switching operations.
  • An understanding of the Transpower key management and lock box processes.