Grid Skills training programmes

Anyone working on Transpower's assets or in restricted areas (Transpower employees, Service Provider employees, Contractor and Sub-contractor employees) is required to be properly trained and appropriately competent for any tasks they undertake.

Grid Skills is charged with – and committed to – leading the ongoing development of electricity industry training in New Zealand.  

Training is provided in the following areas:

We are working to make this page the starting point for all the information you need about our courses.  So you will find it changing as we continue to add detail to each of our courses.

Substation courses 

Full Course Refresher

Compliance courses
Substation Entry 1 (SE1)  Substation Entry 2 (SE2 Ref) Refresher
Work Management (WM) Work Management (WM Ref) Refresher
Permit Recipient (PR)  Permit Recipient (PR) Refresher

Transpower Fault Responder

Connected Party Operator
Connected Party Operator (CPO)  Connected Party Operator (CPO Ref) Refresher

Substation Maintainer
Substation Maintainer Core 1 (SMC1)  
Substation Maintainer Core 2 (SMC2)  
Substation Maintainer Core 3 (SMC3)  
Substation Maintainer Transformers (SMTx)  
Substation Maintainer Circuit Breakers (SMCb)  
Substation Maintainer Disconnectors (SMDs)  

Maintenance Switcher
Field Operator  
Maintenance Switcher (MS) Maintenance Switcher (MS Ref) Refresher

Transmission Lines courses