TPM Development: TPM Options Consultation

This page includes our consultation papers and associated documents, information and links for our online drop-in sessions during the consultation period, and the consultation process. Submissions and cross-submissions we receive will be added here at the relevant closing dates.


This consultation seeks feedback on our initial thinking regarding options for the benefit-based charge (BBC) and for adjustments to the BBC and residual charges (Adjustments), both mandatory components of the new TPM. The BBC and Adjustments components are inter-related, so we are consulting on them jointly. 

Although this consultation package includes our initial thinking, we have not formed any final views on what we will include in the proposed TPM we submit to the Electricity Authority. Submissions and cross-submissions on this consultation will inform our TPM proposal.

Consultation documents

Our consultation is comprised of three papers:

  • Part A: Overview 
  • Part B: Benefit-based charge
  • Part C: Adjustments to charges.

We have also supplied two supporting documents:

  • Large-format diagrams - These key diagrams show detail on the TPM components under consultation. Small versions are used throughout the consultation documents as signposts, and readers may find this larger copy useful for reference. We recommend printing at A3 size.  
  • Question document - As with our previous TPM consultations, we have compiled the specific questions we pose throughout the consultation into a Word document, to aid submitters in preparing responses.  

We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on the initial thinking outlined in this consultation package, including any supporting evidence or examples.

Consultation documents
TPM Options, Part A - Overview [ pdf 1.84 MB ]
TPM Options, Part B - Benefit-Based Charge [ pdf 3.66 MB ]
TPM Options, Part C - Adjustments to charges [ pdf 1.74 MB ]
TPM Options, Large-format diagrams [ pdf 362.5 KB ]
TPM Options, Specific questions - Word document [ docx 71.43 KB ]

Consultation engagement

The BBC and Adjustments components of the TPM are new and complex, and we believe there is benefit in using a more interactive engagement in this instance to augment the standard paper-based consultation process.


Online drop-in sessions

We are running three online drop-in sessions during the initial submission period for you to ask questions and seek clarifications about this consultation.

These sessions will be open to all, and you can join by clicking the meeting link below.

Key members of the TPM Development team will be available to respond to your questions. The best way to ensure your question is addressed is to send it in ahead of the meeting – send to

We will record these sessions and publish the recording and its transcript to the Transpower website the following day. 

Dates and times for our online drop-in sessions are show below.

Online drop-in session



Session #1

19 November 2020

 Recording and transcript 


Session #2

Wednesday 25 November 2020



Session #3

Tuesday 1 December 2020


We’re using Microsoft Teams for these sessions.

  • You can join a Teams meeting anytime, from any device, whether or not you have a Teams account.
  • This page is the best source of info about the different ways to join a Teams meeting and how to do so.
  • We’d recommend getting the (free) app if you’re planning to use a tablet or phone – it’s just easier than using a browser on a small device.
  • In the final instance, should you have difficulty joining, get in touch with us at with your phone number, and we’ll join you in manually.
How the sessions will be run
  • Rebecca Osborne, Transpower’s Head of Grid Pricing Strategy, will open the meeting and introduce the team.
  • We’ll begin the first session with a brief, high-level overview of how the BBC and Adjustments link together, speaking to the diagrams that are provided above (TPM Options, Large-format diagrams). We won't repeat this for the later sessions.
  • If we receive questions prior to the meeting, we’ll address these first and then open the floor for more questions.

We’d like those attending to mute their microphones, unless speaking or part of a conversation. It’s over to you whether you choose to have your video turned on, and whether it’s just you, or you and some colleagues together.

We’ll have a meeting chat going for you to supply questions – and we’ll also make use of the ‘raise your hand’ feature, to let us know you want to talk.


We recognise people may choose to come and go at various times during the session. While the sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, we’re open to staying longer to conclude a discussion should it be useful – and if we get to a point where there are no further questions, we may also conclude the session early.


We're keen to hear any thoughts you have on these sessions - how valuable they are and if you have ideas to improve them. Our two-minute survey is here.

Send in your questions before it starts!

The best way to ensure your question is addressed is to send it in ahead of the meeting – to


Consultation process

This consultation was published on 9 November 2020. Submissions are due by 5pm on Monday, 14 December 2020. This period is followed by a five-week period for cross-submissions, extending across the holiday break. Cross-submissions are due by 5pm, Monday 18 January. Please send submissions and cross-submissions to

We will acknowledge receipt of all submissions and cross-submissions. Submissions and cross-submissions will be published on this website page the day following the due date.

If your submission or cross-submission contains confidential material, please ensure this is clearly identified and provide a version of your submission or cross-submission that can be published. Please note that all information provided to Transpower is subject to potential disclosure under the Official Information Act 1982.

Should you have questions to ask, please email us at the same address. We'll continue to publish questions and responses here.