New to connecting in New Zealand

With an islanded but small power system, there are unique considerations to take into account for whatever type of connection your are considering in New Zealand.

Where can I go for information on New Zealand's electricity industry?

Electricity in New Zealand from the Electricity Authority provides a high-level overview of the industry and explains each participant's role. You'll learn here how Transpower (a state-owned entity) is funded and how the market rules ensure a level playing field for participants. The Electricity Industry Code of Participation sets out the terms of engaging in the Electricity Market including the Transmission Pricing Methodology and the Benchmark Agreement. We provide further information on pricing, rentals and transmission agreements on our Pricing page.

The Commerce Commission individually approves Transpower’s major interconnection investments and determines Transpower's maximum allowable revenue to cover other investment, maintenance and operation activities.

For additional on Transpower’s role in the electricity market see Transpower’s Electricity Market page.

Are there technical considerations particular to New Zealand?

New Zealand has a relatively small and islanded system – we don’t connect to other countries and we have a population of around 5 million in a country with more land area than the UK.  This means your assets will need to stay online through a large range of frequency and voltage variations as part of your compliance obligations.  You may need a modified design to stay connected, supporting the system during and following a contingency, and at the same time to avoiding undesired islanding.

If you or your consultant wish to run your own power system studies, Transpower provides annually updated power system models for public use via the Electricity Authority’s EMI website. These are DIgSILENT case files which run on the latest version of PowerFactory.

You will also need to understand New Zealand’s technical requirements before agreeing asset specifications with your manufacturer. The Electricity Authority is the source for Code and Compliance information.  Pay particular attention to Parts 3 through Parts 15 of the Electricity Industry Code of Participation.

Does Transpower publish any general reports to assist in determining connection location?

Yes.  Transpower annually publishes the Transmission Planning Report which is a 15 year view of issues and potential solutions on the National Grid.  More recently it has introduced TPR Envision as a visual accompaniment.  This powerful new geospatial tool lets you visualise how we plan to develop New Zealand’s electricity transmission network over the next 15 years. (Please note this tool is best used with Chrome).

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