RCP3 updates and disclosures

Information related to RCP3 will be updated regularly and can be found here.


Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP)

The ITP is a suite of documents that outline our ten-year plans and bring together our services and expenditure forecasts and asset management plans). You can find it at the following links.

Title  Description
ITP Narrative [ pdf 1.8 MB ] Concise, accessible overview of our plans
Grid Outputs Report [ pdf 1.27 MB ] Defines our service offering and performance targets, and explains how we use these in our business (formerly called the Services Report)
Asset Management Plan [ pdf 9.22 MB ] Explains our asset management framework, our management of each asset class and includes a summary of planned works
Transmission Planning Report [ pdf 9.78 MB ] Identifies backbone grid and regional development plans (formerly called the Annual Planning Report)
ITP Schedules [ pdf 650.08 KB ] Sets out our forecast capital and operating expenditure to the end of RCP4
ITP Compliance Report [ pdf 480.23 KB ] Explains how the ITP meets our regulatory requirements
ITP Glossary [ pdf 221.32 KB ] Accompanies the reports contained within the ITP

Annual disclosures 


IPP Disclosures

(including SMAR update)

Information Disclosure

Pricing Compliance




Directors Certificate [ pdf 86.44 KB ]




Directors Certificate [ pdf 84.7 KB ]













Other documents

The Commerce Commission issued three information gathering notices under s53ZD of the Commerce Act 1986 along with its Individual Price-Quality Path (IPP) determination for RCP3. Documents provided to the Commission in response to these notices will be posted in this section.

In addition, we will also post per-event reports for material unplanned interruptions (under the IPP) during the regulatory period. 

Cost estimation

Cost Tracking Methodology [ pdf 290.55 KB ] (published 12 May 2020)

Variance Report: Completed Capex Programme RCP2 [ pdf 972.85 KB ] (published 25 November 2020)

Customer Engagement

High-Level Scope for a Customer Engagement Plan [ pdf 459.79 KB ] (published 12 May 2020)

Customer Engagement Plan for RCP3 [ pdf 1.03 MB ] (published 25 November 2020)

Customer Engagement Plan for RCP3 brochure [ pdf 2.46 MB ] (published 25 November 2020)

Base Capex Consultation Report DY 2022 (due November 2022)

Post-Project Review Report DY 2022 (due November 2022)

Post-Interruption Survey Report DY 2022 (due November 2022)

Asset Health and Network Risk

Development Roadmap [ pdf 1.96 MB ] (published 25 November 2020)

Progress Update (due November 2021)

Expert Opinion (due November 2022)