Biosecurity at wildlife sanctuary improves thanks to Transpower grant

25 February 2015

Transpower staff recently attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for new electronic access gates at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary (known as Zealandia) in Wellington.

The new electronic access system was made possible through a $9,000 grant from Transpower’s CommunityCare Fund last year.  Photo of the ribbon cutting ceremony

The CommunityCare fund assists communities that are impacted by Transpower assets by providing funding for worthwhile community projects. 

Read about the CommunityCare Fund

Biosecurity is an ongoing risk at Zealandia, with the need to keep out all the species that cause havoc to our native flora and fauna: rats, possums, stoats, cats, goats, rabbits and so on. While the predator-proof fence does its job, until now there has always been a risk at the entry points in terms of gates being unintentionally left open. The electronic gates work such that entry through the public two gate system is synchronised to allow only one gate at a time to open. Additionally, a security alarm will sound if either gate is left open. Battery backup also works to ensure the system retains integrity during power outages.

Hilary Beaton, CEO, and Jim Lynch, Chair of the Trust, were in attendance at the formal opening, together with a small number of volunteers that the Trust depends on much of the time.