CommunityCare Fund: New Waitaki preschool opens after a 5-year effort

17 May 2012

Photo of children playing at Waitaki preschoolWaitaki Valley Preschool has opened new premises after a five year long effort to develop the facilities. The Transpower CommunityCare Fund contributed $16,519 towards the project.

The Waitaki Valley Preschool in Kurow has been at the heart of the town since it opened in the 1960s but for the past 42 years it had been based in an old, outdated schoolhouse.

However, Waitaki Valley Preschool committee chair-woman Suzie McIraith said moving into the redeveloped premises at the Waitaki Valley School has already provided better education opportunities for the district’s preschoolers.

“A great deal of work and effort was put in by parents and staff to relocate last September from the previous preschool building to the redeveloped building on the Waitaki Valley School grounds.

“The move to this building has given us a dedicated under 2s’ room along with more work and play space for the 2 to 5 year old children.”

A new home within the same grounds that house the Waitaki Valley School, the community gym, library and swimming pool would also provide many advantages, Mrs Mcilraith said.