CommunityCare Fund provides helping hand at Mana Recovery

02 October 2013

The Mana Recovery Trust had a helping hand from Transpower's CommunityCare Fund with a $29,000 grant for a baler.

The Trust’s vision is to lead social and employment outcomes for people with mental health needs in the Porirua and Wellington region, through business partnerships which help the environment and support the community.Photo of baler at Mana Recovery Trust

They provide vocational rehabilitation programmes that focus on resource recovery, recycling and sustainable living giving people the life skills to enable them to reintegrate into the community.

In seeking a grant from Transpower Mana Recovery hoped to increase their revenue through activities including recycling and reduce their dependence on external funding which can vary year to year.

The baler has helped to increase the amount of recycling that Mana Recovery can process, now in excess of four tons, and also reduced their carbon footprint as they are now making less trips to Full Circle Recycling in Seaview. They previously had to make many trips to the recyclers because they could only make small bales and had to transport bulky products loosely.

“We’ve already taken 3 bales of mixed paper to our recyclers which gave us $101.00 per tonne rather than $57.00 for the loose paper we were recycling previously,” says Elizabeth Meaclem, Chief Executive of the Mana Recovery Trust.

“Our staff and trainees love the baler and its ease of use. It very quickly cleared the whole site of product with us baling cardboard, mixed paper and soft plastic – it has also solved our storage problem,” says Ms Meaclem.

“We’d like to thank Transpower for providing us with this grant. Having a baler means we’re able to process more recyclable material. This in turn increases our revenue and ultimately allows us to continue to teach people the life skills they need to find work and reintegrate into the community.”