Final stage of underground cabling on the North Shore

08 March 2013

We have entered the final stages of our underground cabling programme on the North Shore with construction to be completed by June 2013 and commissioning on target for September 2013.

The next stage of work involves installing cables alongside the southbound lanes of the Northern Motorway between the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Esmonde Road.

Between late February and March while we are working near Onepoto Stream, close to where the Onewa Road South Bound onramp merges with the Northern Motorway, buses will merge with general traffic.

Once work starts at the Exmouth Foot Bridge traffic restrictions will also apply while excavation of the joint bay is undertaken.

Good progress on the Albany to Wairau component of the North Auckland and Northland has been made and pre-condition testing of the cables is underway.

From 26 February until May we are installing cables under the Auckland Harbour Bridge.