Masterton substation celebrates two new replacement transformers

29 October 2012

Transpower, along with local lines company Powerco, celebrated the commissioning of two new transformers at the Solway Motor Lodge in Masterton on 3 October, in an event involving local council, stakeholders, customers and contractors.

The Masterton Substation upgrade project began in January 2012 to meet increasing power supply requirements to the area. The upgrade also involved replacing the aged 33 kv outdoor switchboard in a new building. masterton-event.jpg

The transformer banks at Masterton were 50 years old and approaching the end of their operational life. Modern transformers, such as those now installed at Masterton, are physically smaller and more reliable than the old single phase transformers.

The transformer converts the 110 kV Transpower grid supply to lower voltage on 33 kV – this enables Powerco to distribute electricity to homes and businesses throughout the Masterton and Wairarapa region.

This is a major milestone for the Masterton community and will help to provide greater security of power supply to the region.