New Paraparaumu substation commissioned

23 March 2015

Transpower announced the official commissioning of a new 220 kV substation at Paraparaumu – an innovative solution to future proof Paraparaumu's electricity supply as well as enable the progression of NZTA’s Transmission Gully project.

The new substation, completed ahead of schedule, helps to ensure a more reliable and efficient power supply to the Kapiti area. An added benefit for the immediate Paraparaumu community is the removal of 23 km of existing transmission line for the addition of just 0.8 km of new line.Official ribbon cutting at the Paraparaumu substation commissioning photo

Transpower Chief Executive, Alison Andrew, said that the project was an excellent example of an innovative solution to NZTA’s need for the transmission existing lines in Transmission Gully to be relocated.

"Our investigations revealed that a smarter, more cost-effective solution would be to construct a new 220 kV substation at Paraparaumu, connected by less than a kilometre of new transmission line to the nearby, existing high capacity Bunnythorpe-Haywards lines running through Paraparaumu."

"This project has been a win-win for all involved – the local community now has increased capacity from the grid for future growth in electricity demand and fewer transmission towers; NZTA has a site clear of transmission towers for the new regional highway; and the overall costs for the smarter, simpler solution were lower than realigning the existing transmission towers."

"We would like to thank NZTA, local lines company Electra and the local community for their support throughout the project," she said.