Pakuranga substation fully commissioned

30 April 2012

Photo of the fully commissioned Pakuranga substationThe third and final transformer at Pakuranga substation has been commissioned, completing the last stage in the Pakuranga substation component of the North Island Grid Upgrade Project (NIGUP).

Pakuranga substation is the northern terminal point of NIGUP and also provides the connection point for the North Auckland and Northland (NAaN) project. These two major projects will significantly increase both the transmission capacity and the security of supply into the Auckland and Northland regions.

General Manager Grid Projects Mike Carter commended the huge effort that has gone into completing this key component of NIGUP.

“This has been a large and technically complex project going back several years involving extensive planning, negotiation, consenting, construction and implementation by our staff and contractors.”

“It's great to see the completion of a significant project that will help secure power supply to Auckland and Northland into the future.”

“We would like to thank the surrounding community for their patience while construction was underway. We realise that these large construction projects have an impact,” he said.

Commissioning of the substation has involved several stages: the existing 110 kV Otahuhu – Pakuranga transmission line was upgraded to 220 kV, and a new 220 kV substation was built on site in November 2011. This allowed the commissioning of two new 220/33 kV transformers and the new 33 kV indoor switchboard, with the final step achieved with the commissioning of the third and final 100 tonne 220/33 kV transformer.

The final task remaining is the dismantling of the old 110/33 kV switchyard, which is expected to start in July.