Te Kaha Substation Works

04 March 2014

On 3 March, Transpower lost power supply to the Te Kaha region while undertaking project work aimed at providing greater security of supply to the region.

The scope of the project is to redevelop the Te Kaha substation, replacing the existing 72 years old single phase 50/11 kV transformer (T1) units with a new three phase bank (T2) and the installation of new high and low voltage switchgear for the transformer, and a new portable control room building.

Unfortunately the loss of power supply to the region on several occasions on 3 March, were all related to the tripping of the diesel generators which were provided to supply electricity to the residents and businesses in the Te Kaha region while this critical project work was underway.

Supply was fully restored at approximately 11:34am via the new transformer and associated switchgear at the Te Kaha substation.

Transpower apologises for the inconvenience caused and an investigation is underway to ensure the problem can be rectified in the future.