Tower lifts give kids a powerful lesson

25 February 2013

Whakamaru School students were treated to front row seats for a series of tower "lifts" as Transpower continued tower erection on the Wairakei to Whakamaru transmission line last week.

Eighty five kids from the small, rural South Waikato School watched with delight, as crews waved Whakamaru school student visit photofrom the top of the 56 m tower before completing a section of the heavy strain tower.

Whakamaru School students were very keen to see exactly how the pylons were constructed and School Principal Jill McArthur said it's the sort of experience the children will remember in 20 years time when they drive past those very same pylons. 

"It's a valuable realistic learning experience for them and we are very grateful to Transpower for organising the trip for us," she said.

Transpower Programme Delivery Manager, Robert Batters, says it was a really good opportunity to engage with the local school and talk about safety around electricity and how power is delivered to them.

"It's not every day that a transmission line is erected in your neighbourhood and it was good to connect our project with the local school, especially given the importance of this transmission infrastructure to the region." he said.

"The kids have been watching the towers go up daily, so it give them the chance to talk to  the construction crews about the process and try on the safety gear was great – they loved it."

The project involves building a new 220 kV transmission line between Wairakei and Whakamaru to help facilitate new generation in the region.