Transpower renews maintenance contracts

06 July 2015
Transpower announced that it had renewed contracts with Electrix, Northpower,
Electronet, and Transfield Services for the servicing and maintenance of New
Zealand’s transmission lines and substations.
The new three-year contracts are effective from 1 July 2015, and will ensure that
Transpower, the owner and operator of the national grid, is able to meet its
operating and financial targets.
Transpower’s General Manager Grid Performance Jim Tocher said that a thorough
process of submission evaluation and pricing renegotiations had been undertaken
over many months with our service providers.
“We are pleased to be renewing our agreements, and continuing our relationship with
these companies. We are confident that we will see significant benefits as a result of
these renegotiations through efficiency improvements and working together with
greater transparency - delivering better value for our businesses and New Zealand.”
“As part of the renegotiations, we have found efficiencies in rationalising the number
of service providers currently used for our maintenance work. Therefore, we have
moved to four rather than five service providers. As we were unable to agree pricing,
we did not renew a contract with ABB, and their existing contract will be come to an
end on 30 November 2015. However, they will continue to remain a valuable partner
providing services as a transformer repair specialist, a major project contractor, and
equipment supplier.”
“Over the next two months, the service areas currently serviced by ABB will be
negotiated with our remaining service providers.”
“We appreciate the time that our service providers have put into renegotiating our
maintenance contracts to ensure that we can continue to provide a secure and
reliable transmission service at a cost that represents best value for electricity
consumers,” he said.

For further information, please contact:

Rebecca Wilson, Corporate Communications Manager, 04 590 6695 or 021 578 608