Wairakei Ring bypass line successfully commissioned

22 April 2013

Another milestone for the Wairakei Ring project team was reached with the successful commissioning of two temporary bypass lines near Taupo.

The  bypass lines covering a distance of four kilometres have been temporarily constructed to deviate the power supply away from tower construction sites for the new 220kV transmission line.web-wairakei-ring-bypass-photo-EDIT.jpg

Programme Delivery Manager Robert Batters, says that construction of the bypass lines has given the project team some of the most technical design and engineering challenges so far.

 “Our biggest issue was finding a route for the bypass line that allowed for safe construction and an uncompromised power supply for the current line.”

“We’ve safely constructed over 21 structures for the bypass line on a tight programme to meet outage constraints and tower erection deadlines.  The terrain here is unforgiving and the project team can be really proud of a great job,” he said.

The two sections of temporary line (known as the long and the short bypass lines) cost over $1million and will keep electricity flowing from the region’s generators into the Whakamaru Substation.

The bypass line will remain in place until after the new line is commissioned.