TPM Development Project: Connection Charges Consultation

Connection Charges Consultation

This consultation sought feedback on our initial thinking on the opportunity to improve the connection charges method and related provisions. These are technical elements, which in most cases are at a level of detail not considered by the Electricity Authority’s (EA) reform process to date. The EA’s TPM guidelines, in respect to the connection charge, are essentially the same as the 2006 TPM guidelines and the draft guidelines.  

Transpower work on lines over Wellington’s Polhill and Makara Peak reserves

Transpower is replacing the near 40-year-old conductors (the wires) that run between Wilton substation and Makara Peak, and Makara Peak and Tower 26 on Polhill near Durham Street, just before Central Park substation.

The work will begin in December and continue until late April 2019 - with some further work expected next season (ie summer 2019/20) between Wilton substation and tower 14. 

The line crosses mainly Wellington City Council land (including Polhill Reserve, Zealandia and Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park) and a small number of private landowners.