CommunityCare Fund Full Application form

Submission of this Full Application form enters your organisation into formal consideration for a CommunityCare Fund grant from Transpower New Zealand Ltd. Please note that your application will be automatically rejected unless you provide the correct reference number and the same email address used in your Expression of Interest.

Important things:

Required information contained in your email:
Additional information required:
Please provide the additional information below to complete your CCF application.
Additional information about the Project:
Budget and timeline breakdown:
Use this section to break down your Project into major steps (up to four) that offer clear milestones, along with expected start and end dates. This is particularly useful if you are asking for a large grant, as it helps our independent panel see how much you have thought about and planned for each element of the project. As we do not provide retrospective funding, it is important to take into account when you might receive money from us when setting these dates: • if you are filling out this form between February and July your activity dates should be post-September for that year, • if you are filling out this form between August and January your activity dates should be post-March.
First project activity
Second project activity
Third project activity
Fourth project activity
Volunteer and Project promotion information
Co-applicant information
Please note that this person MUST be a second identifiable individual and not the primary applicant.
Supporting documents or files

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