If power lines are down

If you see lines down, never approach them. Call 111 immediately. You can also reach us on our 24-hour hotline: 0800 THE GRID (0800 843 4743).

Make sure people and animals keep well away. Downed power lines are extremely dangerous.

Keeping our people safe

We are committed to a safe, healthy, and productive workplace for all of our employees and other people who come in contact with our assets.

People and Process

Safety at Transpower is about people doing the right thing, the right way, every time. It’s also about ensuring our systems, processes, procedures and standards drive us to eliminate and reduce hazards and risks – and making sure everyone goes home safely each day. We do everything we can to ensure people are not put at risk, and use strong and effective safety governance to keep focused on these goals.

Integrated Transmission Plan

Integrated Transmission Plan

Under our regulatory requirements, we are required to publish an ITP. The ITP will explain our views on the long-term operation and development of our network, including proposed expenditure over the next 10 years. These requirements have been met by our Main Proposal and accompanying information schedule.

We are also required to provide a set of supporting documents on asset management, network planning and service information:

What we do

We keep New Zealand's energy flowing by transporting bulk electricity, connecting with smaller lines companies and managing New Zealand’s power system 24/7.

Electric and magnetic fields

All electricity produces electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and our transmission lines are no different. Some people have concerns surrounding the perceived health effects of EMF exposure, and numerous studies have been undertaken internationally on the subject.

If you have concerns over EMF levels from one of our lines over your land, you may find the factsheets below useful. Alternatively, you can contact us directly.