Nominate someone for a STAR Award

Thank you for helping to make our sector safer: your work in placing a nomination allows best practice health, safety and wellbeing a time to shine.

You can nominate anyone who works on New Zealand’s National Grid for a STAR Award, so long as the work has been conducted since 1 July 2018.

There are three straightforward steps to the nomination process in 2021, detailed here. If you have any questions, please email us at – we’re here to help!

Visit the Who can I nominate? page for ideas about making a nomination.

You can also submit more than one nomination!

Nominations now close at 5pm on Friday 4 December 2020.


The three steps to making a nomination

Step 1. Send an email to


Please include:

  • Your name as the nominator
  • Your best contact phone number
  • Your company
  • The name of your nominee
    Tell us the name of the individual or team you think deserves to be recognised.
  • The STAR Awards category
    Choose the award category that best fits the work for which you are making the nomination. View the categories here
  • Attach the Word document from Step 2.


Step 2. Tell the judges in under 1500 words why your nominee deserves to receive a STAR Award.

Make sure you cover these points:

  • Describe the work your nominee/s did.

  • When did they do it?

  • Where did they do it?

  • What was impressive about the health, safety or wellbeing aspects of the work?

  • Why were their actions important?

  • Has anything changed for the better because of it?

Help your nominee’s chance of success by reading the judging criteria to see what the judges are looking for, before writing your submission. Remember to email your Word document as requested in Step 1 above.

Please note this is a simplified nomination process from previous Awards, so even a paragraph or two for each of the questions above is fine if it is enough to tell the judges the story of the work being nominated.


Step 3. Submit a one-minute video.

This is another way for you to show the judges what is great about the work that was done by your nominee/s.

Please note there is no judging on the quality of the video you submit!

Here are some guidelines about producing the video:

  • Please include a full explanation of the work (refer to the bullet points in Step 2 above).
  • Videos taken on a phone are fine: filming in landscape orientation with your phone sideways is best.
  • Include footage of the work activity in progress if you can.
  • Add a soundtrack or narration if you like – getting creative is welcome!
  • Remember to keep your video under a minute in length.

Help your nominee’s chance of success by reading the judging criteria to see what the judges are looking for, before making your video.

Upload your video here

Drop your completed video into our ECHO SharePoint folder, and label it with your name and the award category for which you are nominating.

Your video will help us take the STAR Awards 2021 virtual! If your nomination makes the shortlist of finalists, the video may be shared on our online broadcast during the STAR Awards ceremony.

Why a video when in previous years only finalists were asked to submit one? We are making the STAR Awards ceremony Covid-proof, so while the Alert Level is low we are securing content from you that is sharable in any Alert Level. Video also enables another storytelling format for you to show your stuff to the judges!


What can you expect next?

We will confirm receipt of your nomination soon after you have submitted it by email.

Judges will be assessing the entries in December and January, and we will then be back in touch in January to let you know whether your nomination has made it through to the next judging round – the shortlist of STAR Award finalists!

The award category winners will be announced from the shortlist of three finalists per category at the STAR Awards 2021 on Thursday 15 April 2021.


Any questions?

Please email – we’re here to help!