Notice for Low Residual Situations

Please see attached excerpt from the System Operator process for managing insufficient generation offers and reserve deficits. The process steps contain changes to the process for determining Low Residual Situations in the WDS and NRSL schedules, and subsequent advice to the industry. In summary the process changes are:

  • The WDS/NRSL schedules will be analysed to determine if residual MW quantities are less than 200MW. The residual quantity is the spare offered MW capacity above energy and reserve demand, including available capacity on the HVDC
  • A customer advice notice will be issued to participants when residual quantities are less than 200MW (which highlights the situation is tight and if conditions change for the worse, it could result in a WRN or GEN being issued
  • On receipt of a CAN for a Low Residual Situation, generators should ensure offers are accurate and if not, update accordingly. Likewise for bids.

The document below contains an exert from our procedure explaining how low residual situations are determined and an example of the customer advice notice template to be issued to advise the industry.

PR-DP-264_Manage Insufficient Generation Offers and Reserve Deficits (exert) [ pdf 886.82 KB ]

These changes will be implemented by the 5 May 2019 to ensure the first WDS schedule containing the P3 outage is analysed for Low Residual Situations.

A Market Insight [ pdf 547.67 KB ] and Video further explains timeline of information provided by the system operator to the market advising of the supply and demand balance.