Asset Capability Statements (ACS)

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An Asset Capability Statement (ACS) is an enduring schedule of information parameters about assets connected to the Power System.

Asset Owners are obliged to complete a relevant ACS whenever commissioning/decommissioning or modifying their assets.  To get a better understanding of the general Asset Capability Information requirements before completing one, refer to the following document.

Asset Capability Information Overview [ pdf 733.29 KB ]

Draft Energy Provider ACS Template

The following excel sheet is provided as an example of the fields of interest to the System Operator. Formal submission of information must be into the Asset Capability Statement database as linked below.

Template ACS [ xlsx 25.02 KB ]

Accessing the ACS Templates

To fill out an ACS template, click on the relevant link below. The Generator ACS opens up the Generator ACS database; the Grid Owner and Distributor ACS links open up spreadsheets. The spreadsheet needs to be saved to your personal drive and emailed to the System Operator:

Generator ACS Database
Grid Owner ACS V2.0 [ xls 320 KB ]
Distributor ACS Version 6.0 [ xlsm 131.96 KB ]

Submitting an ACS

You must fill in all of the information required and return the completed spreadsheet to the System Operator at in the same format (Excel). Diagrams or drawings can be sent in PDF format.

Note for Generators: Please refer to the Asset Capability Information Overview for more information on completing the ACS.

Urgent Asset Capability Changes

An Asset Owner may need to urgently or temporarily change an asset capability when they:

  • unexpectedly become aware that the capability of an asset may differ from the capability described in the most recent asset capability statement that has been provided to the System Operator; and
  • determine it is not practicable to submit a new asset capability statement; and
  • need to perform further investigations to determine or confirm the actual capability of the asset.

The following steps are to be taken by the Asset Owner once the asset capability change has been identified:

  1. Verbally notify the Energy Co-ordinator on 0800 535 123
  2. Download and complete the Urgent Asset Capability Change Form  (MS Word and PDF versions are available below) then send to
FM-EA-011 Urgent Asset Capability Change Notice [ dotx 66.08 KB ]


  1. The asset capability information provided on the Urgent Asset Capability Change Form is a temporary asset capability change and is only valid for the duration notified on the submitted form.  Asset Capability information will revert back to the formally advised ACS information once the duration on the submitted form has passed. 
  2. For temporary changes longer than one week a formal change to the ACS must be submitted.

Contact Information

If you have any queries about completing an ACS or submitting a completed ACS, please contact us at