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Security of Supply Annual Assessment

Our Security of Supply Annual Assessments provide an assessment of the power system's ability to meet prudent winter energy and peak requirements over the next seven years. Historic Annual Assessments can be found here, and the most recent publication is linked below.

Cover note [ pdf 319.98 KB ]

Security of Supply Annual Assessment 2020 [ pdf 5.59 MB ]

Security of Supply Annual Assessment 2020 - Supplementary Data [ xlsx 91.45 KB ]

Annual Assessment Results, interactive charts (currently under review)


Security of Supply Policies

We use several policies to manage the Security of Supply process.

Security of Supply Forecasting and Information Policy

One of the functions of the system operator, specified in the Code, is to prepare and publish a Security of Supply Forecasting and Information Policy.

Emergency Management Policy

The Emergency Management Policy (EMP) sets out the steps that we will take, as a reasonable and prudent operator, during an extended emergency.

We have prepared and published a Rolling Outage Plan and provided links to all approved participant plans.

Latest Approved Security of Supply Policies

Date Policy
15 Dec 2020 Security of Supply Forecasting and Information Policy 
19 Jun 2016 Emergency Management Policy [ pdf 215.85 KB ]
19 Jun 2016 System Operator Rolling Outage Plan [ pdf 251.34 KB ]

Security of Supply Procedures and Guidelines

Date Procedure/Guideline
16 Apr 2021 GL-OC-932 Security of Supply Outage Watchlist Guideline [ pdf 235.65 KB ] 

Outage Management in Dry Winters

To assist in managing security of supply the system operator identifies asset owner outages that negatively impact security of supply when hydro storage crosses the 1% Electricity Percentage Risk Curve. These are the outages the system operator may request asset owners to reschedule when hydro storage crosses the 4% Electricity Percentage Risk Curve.  Identifying (and subsequentially rescheduling) these outages is intended to assist in conserving hydro resources. The system operator is seeking to avoid (to the extent reasonably possible) the need for an Official Conservations Campaign and act as a reasonable and prudent system operator when managing security during Security of Supply situations.

Asset owner outages that may negatively impact security of supply are shown in the link below

POCP Searches – Outage Watchlist

Pre-configured searches reflecting the Outage Watchlist in POCP are available below. The look out over a 12 week period from today’s date. The searches are grouped by impact category.