Extended Reserve Project

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What is this project about?

The Extended Reserve project has been reactivated by the Electricity Authority with a refined focus on achieving a secure transition to a 4-block automatic under-frequency load shedding (AUFLS) scheme in the North Island.

AUFLS is the mechanism used to shed large blocks of load to prevent the electricity system collapsing if there is a rapid fall in system frequency.

The previous project, called the Efficient Procurement of Extended Reserve project, was paused in October 2017 to resolve technical issues to ensure the scheme could be reliably delivered.

The Authority has been working with Transpower in its role as System Operator to develop a proposal for the scheme and determine the technical challenges faced by providers.

The proposed transition from 2-blocks to 4-blocks will reduce the size and increase the number of AUFLS blocks provided by distributors. This will mean that potentially fewer consumers are affected by a significant loss of supply.

This complex project is expected to take four to five years to implement.

More information on the project can be found on the Electricity Authority’s Extended Reserve webpage.

Project status

The Authority and System Operator will contact North Island distributors and direct connect consumers to discuss the next steps.

Further information

For more information on AUFLS scheme, learning animations and AUFLS block sizes and setpoints see Extended Reserve page.