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We run one to two workshops each year of items that are topical to the industry, below are presentations from the last six years of workshops. 

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Security of Supply - Briefing 26 Feb 2021

A webinar was held on 26 February 2021 to provide transparency to the industry on:

  • Our current risk assessment 
  • Other indicators we monitor
  • Assumptions used in modelling
Webinar Topics

Webinar slide pack [ pdf 2.58 MB ]

SoS webinar Q&A 26 Feb 2021 [ pdf 91.55 KB ]

Topics covered:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Electricity risk curves and storage trajectory refresher
  • Current national risk
  • Indicators we monitor
  • ERC thermal derating assumptions
  • Status curves and SST thermal derating assumptions
  • Further information


Security of Supply - Outlook to 2030 : Workshop

A workshop was held in Wellington and run on-line on the 28 July 2020. The workshop covered our annual medium-term security of supply assessment as well an interactive session to explore and discuss a range of security of supply risks and issues.

Workshop Topics

Workshop slide pack [ pdf 1.2 MB ]

Topics covered:

  • Introduction and summary of last year's Security of Supply Annual Assessment.
  • Gas generation: future fuel supply constraints?
  • Security of supply workshop. Interactive session to discuss medium-term security of supply issues and risks and how these can be captured in our annual medium-term security of supply assessment



This year’s forum is on the successful commissioning of assets, with the aim of clarifying, informing and improving the commissioning process.

Workshop Topics

Held in Wellington on 2 October 2019.

Full Slide Pack [ pdf 4.87 MB ]

Summary Notes [ pdf 555.85 KB ]

Topics covered:

  • Asset connection assessments requirements – provide connection information ahead of time to remove ambiguities and uncertainties when moving through the commissioning process.
  • Distributor connected generator - the nature of the generator connection can impact on the System Operator’s ability to meet its Principal Performance Obligations regardless of the connection type the Code still applies in its entirety.
  • Asset owner test data – Asset owner performance obligation compliance and ancillary services contract check. 
  • Fault ride through – provided fault ride through assumptions template but still a work in progress as more information needs to be considered.
  • Maranga Ra, New Zealand’s Largest Solar Farm – directly connected to the Refining NZ. Some code requirements are difficult to follow for solar and such connection.
  • Waipipi Wind Farm, the Connection Journey – challenges include some code requirements that are hard to find, overzealous IT systems, modelling for fault ride through, and generator models.
  • Solar and battery energy storage systems – design approach being considered; future work stream, and hot-fix work that is already underway.


Asset Owner Industry Forum 2018

The theme of this forum is Fault Ride Through Capability, and Companion Guide for Asset Testing.

The yearly Asset Owner Industry Forum is to discuss emerging issues, share knowledge, and provide guidance on good practice amongst asset owners and the System Operator.

There has been considerable interest from industry participants in getting more detail and clarity about how to demonstrate compliance with the fault ride through requirements of the Code. In the morning session we will summarize the requirements, then have an in-depth look at a study approach including some example studies. In the afternoon session discussion will be on proposed changes to the Companion Guide for Asset Testing with specific reference to guide for generator testing and new technologies and the coordination of Code development to align with their anticipated deployment.

Workshop Topics

Held in Wellington on 5 September 2018.

Full Slide Pack [ pdf 3.98 MB ]

Topics covered

  • The Policy Behind the Fault Ride Through Standards
  • The FRT envelopes, study assumptions and examples
  • Challenges with Determining Compliance with VFRT
  • Companion Guide for Asset Testing / Introduction to model-ling requirement
  • Integration of Battery Energy Storage into the Power System and Wholesale Market
  • Commissioning NZ’s First Direct Grid-Connected Battery


Asset Owner Engineering Forum

Workshop Topics

Run in Wellington on 12 December 2017.

Full Slide Pack [ pdf 11.07 MB ]

or separate topics

April Workshop

Workshop Topics

Run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Slide Pack [ pdf 2.07 MB ]

  • South Island System Event 2 Mar 2017
  • Using CIMS in Major Events
  • HVDC Risk Assurance
  • Resilience and Recovery
  • Grid Service Performance Measures RCP3 Refresh
  • Real Time Pricing
  • Emerging Technologies Work Programme
  • National Market For Instantaneous Reserves
  • Quick Fire Updates


September Workshop

Workshop Topics

Run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Video playlist of sessions

Morning Session [ pdf 1.27 MB ]

  • Reserves and Frequency Management and National Market for Instantaneous Reserves

Afternoon Session [ pdf 6.67 MB ]

  • Waikato and Upper North Island (WUNI) Voltage Management Investigation
  • Outage Planning and Visualisation
  • National Winter Group
  • Load Forecast Accuracy
  • Emerging Technology Transpower’s Programme of Work
  • Extended Contingent Event Bus Bar Policy Project
  • Hawkes Bay Snow Storm 6 August 2016

2015 Workshops

Oct/ Nov Workshop

Workshop Topics

Run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Workshop presentation [ pdf 3.59 MB ]

  • SO Update
  • Management of Embedded Technologies - e.g. PV, EV.
  • Policy Statement Review - changes being considered
  • Test Plans - what you need to know
  • ECE Risk - managing bus bars and interconnectors
  • The EA’s Competition, Reliability and Efficiency objective – implications for the SO?
  • Implications of recent generator changes - what it could mean
  • A more commercially aware SO? - have your say

2014 Workshops 

November Reserve and Frequency Management Work Programme Update

Workshop Topics

Run in Wellington

Workshop Presentation [ pdf 1.54 MB ]

  • Introduction
  • Outline of RFM programme, programme management etc.
  • FKC: what is in place now; how trial is going; what the trial will deliver; next steps.
  • SO security tools: what this project will deliver.
  • RMT project: update of this project.  Industry impacts.
  • Interim inter-island Instantaneous reserve sharing: what this is and what it will deliver.
  • Extended reserves: project update.
  • National frequency keeping market.
  • National instantaneous reserves market.
  • Industry panel discussion: systems and trading implications for industry.
  • Where to from here; future industry participation; what engineering and policy issues might arise during the programme.
  • Wrap up; future communications.

June Industry Workshops

Workshop Topics

Run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Session Presentation [ pdf 3.56 MB ]

Questions and Answers from the Workshops [ pdf 72.97 KB ]

Morning Session

  • Introduction
  • System Operations update 
  • Meet Erich and Andrew
  • The joint work programme
  • Reserves and frequency management programme
  • Security of supply

Afternoon Session

  • Reserve management tool replacement
  • Security policy review
  • Extended reserve (AUFLS) 
  • Wrap up

2013 Workshops 

October Industry Workshops

SOSFIP Review Workshop

System Operator Commissioning Update Workshop

October Industry Workshops

Workshop Topics

Run in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington and Christchurch.

Session Presentation [ pdf 1.33 MB ]

  • Future of Demand Products
  • Current Demand Side Initiatives
    • Dispatchable Demand
    • Interruptible Load
    • Demand Response
  • Automatic Under Frequency Load Shedding
  • AUFLS Scheme 

SOSFIP Review March Workshop

Workshop Topics 

Session Presentation [ pdf 1.24 MB ]

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The review process
  • The main proposals
  • Case studies and scenarios
  • Discussion 

System Operator Commissioning Update February Workshop

Workshop Topics

Workshop run in Wellington.

Session Presentation [ pdf 1.14 MB ]

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Update on the Commissioning Calendar
  • How will the System Operator co-ordinate tests
  • What information will be available to you?
  • Managing Secondary Risk
  • Pole 3 project update
  • Questions

2012 Workshops 

Generator Testing and Modelling November Forum

Industry Meeting September

System Operator and HVDC Seminars

Low Southland Inflow February Workshop

Generator Testing and Modelling November Forum

Forum Topics


Workshop run in Wellington.

Industry Meeting September 2012

Workshop Topics

Workshop run in Wellington.

Session Presentation [ pdf 2.14 MB ]

  • Constraints View
  • Security of Supply
  • Transmission Upgrade Projects
  • Update on Commissioning
  • Pole 3 Project Progress
  • Pole 3 Market Contracting

System Operator and HVDC Seminars July 2012

Workshop Topics

Run in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Session Presentation [ pdf 1.65 MB ]

  • Plans to manage commissioning activity in late 2012
  • AUFLS – update on the implementation of new technology and next steps
  • FTRs (EMS, FTR Manager)
  • Demand Side Bidding and Forecasting implementation
  • Security of Supply Forecasting and Information Policy – changes from consultation process
  • High level overview of HVDC Pole 3 Commissioning

Low Southland Inflow February Workshop

Workshop Topics

Run in Wellington

Session Presentation [ pdf 2.08 MB ]

  • What is Security of Supply?
  • Market Behaviour
  • Enabling Increased Flows
  • Rule Changes
  • Outages
  • Frequency Keeping Band