Invitation to Comment: Draft AUFLS Technical Requirements (ATR) Document

Closing date for comments 5pm Friday 17 September 2021

ATR Document Review

To improve overall performance and therefore reliability of the AUFLS scheme, the System Operator and NI AUFLS providers will be moving to a 4-block AUFLS scheme.

The ATR Document details the performance and compliance requirements of a 4-block AUFLS scheme to be connected to the power system in the North Island to meet the Code obligations set out in Part 8, Technical Code B – Emergencies. By meeting these obligations, the System Operator can plan to comply, and to comply with its Principal Performance Obligations.

The ATR will provide clarity of:

  • Technical guidance and requirements to assist NI AUFLS providers with their AUFLS scheme designs;
  • Relay settings and performance requirements;
  • When yearly feeder data information should be submitted to the System Operator; and
  • Data requirements post-AUFLS activation

The ATR Document will be incorporated into the Code by reference alongside the Technical Code B requirements for a 2-block scheme.

As a result of the consultation completed by the Electricity Authority in April 2021, the System Operator has updated the ATR document to provide further clarity on the technical requirements for a 4-block scheme. No substantive changes were identified to be included in the ATR document.

ATR Consultation Document – Invitation to Comment [ pdf 979.57 KB ]

For reference, the Electricity Authority’s decision paper on enabling the transition from a 2-block to a 4-block AUFLS scheme is available on their website.

Submit your Feedback

We invite participants to submit their comments on the draft ATR Document and the changes as documented in the ATR consultation document. 

Please send your submission to, with the subject line “ATR Document Consultation”, before 5:00pm on Friday 17 September 2021.

Receipt of comments will be acknowledged electronically. Please contact Marije Postma if you do not receive electronic acknowledgement of your comments within three business days.