Transpower Fault Responder

Course Information 

The Transpower Fault Responder (TFR) course is for those responding to priority one substation faults as a Transpower Fault Responder. The one-day course includes some assessment with one assessment observation to occur after the course.  This course is designed to be delivered by Service Providers. 

Not all learners are required to attend the whole course or complete all assessment, depending on their current competencies. Refer to the Trainer Guide for more information. 


Learning outcomes 

Learning outcomes for the course are: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of substation fault response carried out by Transpower Fault Responders. 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of site-specific equipment in normal operation and signs of distress. 

  • Prepare to respond to faults. 

  • Respond to Priority One substation faults. 

  • Carry out post-response activities. 


Resources for Service Provider trainers 

  • The course presentation will guide the course from the start of the day until the practical substation visit(s) 

  • The Trainer Guide contains important information for the trainer about the course and assessment.  Copies of this document were provided to Trainers during the train the trainer sessions run in July 2020.   Please email Grid Skills if you need an additional copy. 

  • The TFR Course Booklet (interactive) is for the learner and contains resources for the course and assessment. 

  • The learner may find the Transpower Response Guide (interactive) useful both on course and in the TFR role. The guide is not designed to replace your company procedures but can be used in combination with them. You may, however, choose not to use it at all.