Upper South Island Grid Upgrade

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We need to continually operate, maintain and develop New Zealand's transmission network – the National Grid – to ensure we meet the ongoing electricity needs of New Zealanders.

Between 2005 and 2008 we investigated, and reported on, the adequacy of our transmission network supplying the upper South Island (north of the Waitaki Valley).

Because the electricity needs of the area have changed we reopened the investigation and in 2012 we sought approval from our regulator for the first stage of the project, and this was approved in early 2013.  Stage 2 of the project has shown that the preferred option is a two-switching-station solution between the Orari and Rangitata Rivers.  However the forecast need date is now around 2027, so we're seeking to progress just some parts of the investment needed now (mainly property rights and environmental approvals), so that when we do need to build these facilities, we can mobilise quickly.


Why we're doing it

We expect the confirmed project will improve the electricity supply to the South Island, north of the Waitaki Valley, for the foreseeable future.

How will it impact your electricity bill?

We expect the cost of the project on all New Zealand consumers to be up to about 55 cents a year (or about 5 cents a month) for an average consumer.  Over the longer term this cost will reduce. 


How it will affect you

We do not expect the local power supply to be affected during this project, and construction impacts are likely to be localised to isolated parts of mid-Canterbury. We will do our best to keep any disruptions to a minimum and to keep you well informed of what we're up to.

More information about the project

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