Notification of redemption of securities

06 September 2019

For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1, Transpower New Zealand Limited (TRP) advises that the following securities have matured and have been redeemed on 6 September 2019:

(a) Class of security: Fixed Rate Bonds
(b) ISIN: NZTRPD0020L4
(c) Number redeemed: 200,000,000
(d) Nominal value: NZ$200,000,000
(e) Redemption price: NZ$1.00 per bond
(f) Payment in cash: Yes
(g) Amount paid up: Fully paid
(h) Principal terms of the securities (other than for Quoted Securities): The principal terms of the fixed rate bonds are set out in pricing supplement (no. 4) dated 31 August 2012.
(i) Percentage of class of securities: 100%
(j) Reason for redemption: The bonds matured on 6 September 2019.
(k) Specific authority for redemption: Not applicable. Terms of redemption: As set out in pricing supplement (no. 4) dated 31 August 2012.
(l) Number of securities of the Class in existence after redemption: 0
(m) Treasury stock: Not applicable.
(n) Date of redemption: 6 September 2019

For further information, please contact:
Laura Ackland, Senior Corporate Communications Advisor on (04) 590 6721 or 027 565 3783.