Transpower announces new Directors

01 March 2019

Chair Pip Dunphy says Kathy Meads, Tim Densem and Ilze Gotelli will join the Transpower Board today for an initial term of three years.

"Kathy has a breadth of experience gained from Chief Financial Officer and operational roles across a broad range of business sectors including telecommunications, property, tourism, equity and most recently, ports and insurance industries.

"Tim has held executive, senior management and engineering roles within electricity and gas network companies, electricity generator/retailers and tertiary training. Tim has served as a Director at the Lines Company and prior to this, was Chief Executive Officer of the Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation (now Connexis) and General Manager at Mighty River Power (now Mercury Energy).

"With a background in urban and environmental policy, Ilze has worked in the New Zealand water sector for ten years. Most recently, Ilze has been managing Watercare Services Limited’s engagement with large-scale housing developers and Watercare’s largest commercial customers. Prior to this, Ilze worked as an international consultant on water supply and sanitation, electricity, and other infrastructure projects." Pip Dunphy said.

For further information, please contact:

Laura Ackland Senior Corporate Communications Advisor on 04 590 6721 or 027 565 3783