Integrated Transmission Plan Now Available

11 September 2021

The Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP) is a suite of documents describing our plans for our regulated transmission business for the next 10 years. It consists of this ITP Narrative (Narrative), an overview of our plans, and is a roadmap of more detailed descriptions contained in the following three supporting documents:

  • 2021 Asset Management Plan; documents our management approach, processes, and investment requirements by asset class covering our grid, ICT and business support assets
  • 2021 Transmission Planning Report; describes grid security and capacity issues that could arise over the coming 15 years due to changes in demand and generation. It includes detail on committed and potential grid enhancements
  • 2021 Grid Outputs Report; summarises the performance of our regulated transmission business including service performance and asset health measures, quality standards, targets and output incentives for regulatory control period (RCP) 3.

This ITP Narrative is an introduction and overview of the 2021 ITP, the second ITP of our third regulatory control period (RCP3) encompassing 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2025. The narrative explains who we are, our plans, business objectives, strategies, and approach to decision-making. It also provides a summary of our forecast expenditure and service outputs. This year’s ITP reflects progress made across the business during the first year of RCP3 despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty over the Tiwai smelter closure announcement. While intended to meet our regulatory requirements, 1 the Narrative has also been prepared to provide our stakeholders and customers with an overview of our transmission business, both now and over the coming 10 years.