Transpower announces Board extensions and departure

12 April 2021

Transpower has announced an up-to three-month extension for its Board Chair Pip Dunphy, and Directors Kathy Meads and Sheridan Broadbent.  
All three had terms that expired at the end of April 2021 but have been asked to continue by Shareholding Ministers for up-to three months.  
Ms Dunphy joined the Board in May 2015 and served as Deputy Chair from May 2018 before assuming the role of Chair in December 2018. She will continue in the role of Chair.    
Mses Meads and Broadbent joined the Transpower Board in March 2019 and May 2018 respectively.  
Director Ilze Gotelli, appointed to the Board in 2019, has elected not to extend her term beyond 30 April and will cease being a director of Transpower then.  
Ms Dunphy acknowledged the contribution made by Ms Gotelli during her tenure on the Board. 
For further information, please contact:

Joseph Hornell, Corporate Communications Advisor, on 04 590 6328 or 022 516 7250